Application Process and Residence Requirements

Abbot’s Hospital, a Registered Charity, is an Alms-house which has provided sheltered accommodation for the people of Guildford since 1622. It can accommodate up to six couples and fourteen single residents. Each flat has one or two bedrooms, a sitting room, kitchen, bathroom, and a storeroom.

This Application is for registration as an Applicant for Residence in a single or double flat, then once you are registered you will be considered for vacancies as they arise.

Residence Requirements

You (or one of you, if you are a couple) must:

  • Have been born in the Borough of Guildford
    • or have lived in the Borough for at least 20 years
    • or have lived in the Borough for the 2 years before applying for residence.
  • Be at least 60 years old.
  • Up to one-third of residents can come from ‘out of area’ provided that two-thirds of existing residents are ‘Guildfordians’.

All applicants must:

  • Be of modest means – this normally means that you do not own your own property and can receive Guildford Borough Council’s Housing Benefit (HB).
  • Be fully capable of caring for themselves in their own accommodation and agree to a medical examination by the Hospital’s Honorary Physician before taking up accommodation.
  • Complete Power of Attorney (POA) documentation within one year of arrival.

Residents must continue to be capable of looking after themselves whilst at Abbot’s Hospital.

Residents must not:

  • Keep any motor vehicles in the Hospital grounds.
  • Keep any pets, other than small, caged birds and fish in small aquaria.
  • Smoke in any Hospital buildings or the Grounds, including residents’ flats.
  • There are no naked flames, including scented candles, ever allowed in residents’ flats.

Application Forms

Please complete and submit the following TWO Online Forms:

  1. Application Form for Residence
  2. Medical Authority Form

Paper Forms: alternatively you may prefer to download, complete and send us a paper version of these forms which you can access here: Paper Application and Medical Authority Forms